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Sporting Shooter

In 2003, Romsey Publishing identified that game and pigeon shooting was a rising market. Romsey appointed Charlie Jacoby as launch editor of Sporting Shooter magazine, its new monthly specialist consumer title for shooters.

Charlie's mission was to bring in readers, producing a breezy, youthful, shooting magazine that used the best writers and shooting experts. Together with a strong publisher in James Marchington, an ace art editor in Simon Fevyer and the weighty experience of ad director Derek Barnes, the magazine quickly fulfilled its promise. Tthe first successful shooting magazine launch for a generation, it broke monthly sales target of 14,000 within six months and made an operational profit within 12 months.

Charlie's background in shooting magazines goes back to 1994, when he first worked for Shooting Times. He spent a year in the 1990s as news editor of that magazine and later wrote both the Snapshots and Jacoby At Large columns for it.

Sporting Shooter attracted instant reader loyalty, which allowed Charlie to launch campaigns that would further the cause of shooting as well as provide welcome publicity for the magazine.

Among these was a prize of £500 for anyone who shot a feral British puma and presented it to the magazine. Perhaps the most famous, however, was the Sporting Shooter campaign in March 2005 to save songbirds by destroying magpies. Launched in the The Sunday Telegraph, it included appearances on Radio 4’s Today programme (8.1Mb wav file - or listen to this BBC Realplayer file), Radio Two’s Jeremy Vine programme (6.7Mb wav file), Five Live (11.4Mb wav file), commercial channels, local BBC television (7.5Mb), local newspapers and UK Press Gazette. The magpie campaign received acclaim from shooters, including an article in The Scotsman. Click here to read it.

At the same time, working with The Times newspaper, Charlie helped overturn the UK Government's new rules on pest control. Click here to see coverage (335k) - or here to go to The Times website coverage.

In 2004, just 12 months after the first issue of Sporting Shooter came out, publishing group Archant bought Romsey Publishing at a price reported as close to £10 million, in part reflecting the growth and success of Sporting Shooter magazine. Charlie left Romsey Publishing to pursue his freelance career and continues to work for Sporting Shooter as columnist, feature writer and editorial consultant.


Sporting Rifle

Inspired by the success of Sporting Shooter, in 2005, Warwickshire-based Blaze Publishing decided to soft-launch a 'game rifle' magazine off the back of its popular target-shooting magazine, Target Sports. It hired Charlie as editor for the title which started quarterly, went bimonthly as it attracted its own subscriber base and, in April 2007 went monthly, quickly taken by both WHSmith and Tesco. Charlie remains its editor. The first issue was 64 pages. The August 2008 issue is 100 pages with a new record for advertising sales.

Charlie is currently involved in the launch and relaunch of other country magazines for two more publishers.


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